What is Oxygen Elevation Training?

Oxygen Elevation Training (OET) is a 15 Minute workout that delivers the proven benefits of:

Altitude Living - longevity, cardiovascular health, oxygen utilization

Cardio Exercise - heart health, metabolism, fat loss, detoxification,

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - recovery, healing, cognition, anti-inflammation

How Does it Work?

🏔 Altitude Intervals - We engage the heart and lungs with intervals at altitude (equivalent to an elevation of 11,000ft). Exercising in this environment signals the body to increase nutrient circulation, energy production, and metabolism. This enables participants to challenging themselves without having to introduce excessive load or impact. A breath-centered approach to interval training increases cognitive function, fat oxidation, and muscle recovery without unwanted soreness and fatigue. The increase in red blood cell count and human growth hormone accelerates strength and endurance gains.

🌬 Oxygen Boosted Recovery - During the session participants have full access to therapeutic oxygen recovery (4x the oxygen of sea-level air). At the flip of a switch, the air in your mask is upgraded for optimal rejuvenation. Your work at altitude primes the body to receive this therapeutic dose, matching the increased energy demand and upgrading the participants capacity. Oxygen-boosted recovery keeps the participant at their best during a workout, enabling the expanded aerobic capacity while relieving inflammation caused by diet, stress, injury, illness, and pollution.

What are the Benefits?

🌞 Elevated Fitness, Metabolism, Energy, Cognition & Recovery - The body has 60,000 miles of veins, arteries, and capillaries. Increasing oxygen and nutrient delivery throughout is an incredibly potent way to raise metabolism, boost energy production, elevate cellular health and rapidly improve physical and mental wellbeing. Oxygen Elevation Training supports human high performance by supporting energy production via cellular respiration. This fundamental upgrade has as much to offer someone taking first steps toward regaining health as it does to elite athletes pushing their limits.

Launching with four sessions in a 2 week period is an ideal way to experience what Oxygen Elevation Training (OET) has to offer. Because we are training the body to utilize oxygen more efficiently, 4 sessions in a 10-14 day window helps jump-start maximum progress toward elevated health and fitness.

Why Start with 4-8 Sessions?

What should I expect at my first session?

New participants are encouraged to ask questions! It is important for us to understand your goals so we can custom tailor your training experience. Wearing a mask while exercising is new to most people so the first session always includes ample time to make adjustments and get comfortable. OET (Oxygen Elevation Training) workouts are only 15 minutes and are always customized to the capacity of the individual. Apprehensions quickly melt away as new users realize they have full control over the oxygen/altitude switch. Having therapeutic recovery at the fingertips often empowers people to challenge themselves sooner than they would have expected.

Do I Wear a Mask?

Yes! By wearing a mask you gain access to both oxygen-rich and altitude challenge air. Our system allows you to experience either resource at the flip of a switch, giving you full control of the training experience. The mask is padded with an inflatable cushion allowing it to be customized to the user. The air delivery hose has a wide diameter which allows you to work as hard as you like without restraining your breathing ability whatsoever. You are allowed to take the mask off at anytime, but it never takes long to realize that its easier to recover with 4x oxygen!

How Does it Compare with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen Elevation Training (OET) has many benefits in common with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) chambers. The primary difference is that OET is an active experience rather than a passive therapy. HBOT uses atmospheric pressure to drive oxygen into your system (hence the need for long costly sessions and equipment). OET on the other hand recruits your heart and lungs to deliver the same benefits deep into your tissues but with far lower cost and time commitment. Rather than becoming dependent on a pressurized environment for increased oxygenation, the active participation of OET strengthens your cardiovascular system and teaches your body to more efficiently deliver and utilize oxygen in your everyday life. Click HERE for more information about how HBOT compares with OET.

At Oxygen Rally we utilize LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast Technology. The system was invented by Mark Squibb who built upon the concepts of Manfred von Ardenne’s Oxygen Multistep Therapy. Squibb’s innovation compounded the benefits of exercise with oxygen by incorporating altitude and creating a switching mechanism for its delivery. We are honored to play a role in introducing this incredible asset to public health and performance.

What Technology does Oxygen Elevation Training Use?