Micro-Impact Vibration

... the restorative exercise of youth.


Few people realize how big a role our skeletal health plays in maintaining a thriving body. When you consider that red and white blood cells are made in your bones as well as stem cells for nerves, ligaments, and muscles it becomes much easier to make it a priority. 

The JUVENT platform utilizes micro-impact technology to give your muscles, joints, and bones a safe and efficient workout, activating the body's systems that keep you at your best. JUVENT improves blood flow and stimulates function of the lymphatic system. When paired with oxygen and light the upgrade becomes exponential. Recovery and pain-free movement are vital to performance whether you are a grandparent or an NFL linebacker.

Improved balance and increased range of motion along with pain relief are the some of the most common benefits of utilizing the JUVENT platform.
— Oxygen Rally
In terms of detox, the hardest part has always been to remove toxins from the cells. The LiveO2 and Juvent combo will do this.
— Dr. Mike Bauerschmidt