Oxygen Boost



The Oxygen Boost is an ultra-efficient and therapeutic workout that combines the the benefits of:

  1. Cardio Exercise (heart health, metabolism, fat loss, detoxification)

  2. Altitude Living (longevity, oxygen utilization, circulation)

  3. Therapeutic Oxygen Recovery (cognition, recovery, healing, anti-inflammation)

Oxygen is fundamental to human energy. Efficient delivery of this vital nutrient to the brain and body is the foundation of health and performance. At Oxygen Rally we utilize LiveO2 technology to help our clients maximize results. Visit us at US Cryotherapy in Walnut Creek, CA or get more information on home systems by emailing Annette: annette@liveo2.com

The Oxygen Boost workout is energizing on its own... combine it with Cryotherapy as pre-workout and you’re in for a next level experience!


Athletic Performance & Recovery

Metabolism is the engine designed to build and sustain your performance. Streamlining oxygen utilization will boost your capacity to burn fuel, optimize body composition, build, recover, and expand your limits. The Oxygen Boost positions you to rise above plateaus. Your best is about to get better.

I swear by the LiveO2 and I definitely want to do it for the rest of my races.

Brain Health &

Cognitive Performance

The brain consumes more energy than any other organ in the body making it extremely sensitive to low-energy states. Brain fog and fatigue are symptoms that impair our ability to make decisions, learn and perform in ways that bring fulfillment and happiness to our lives. Being your best means keeping your brain in a high-energy state and not allowing stress or traumatic events to set you back. The Oxygen Boost provides a natural stimulus for increasing energy production and supporting brain performance.

Maximizing brain oxygen levels will always help you work faster, calmer, and smarter
— Mark Squibb, LiveO2 Inventor

Pain Relief & Anti-Inflammation

Longevity & Immunity


60,000 Miles of veins, arteries, and capillaries are responsible for delivering oxygen and vital nutrients to all the tissues in your body. Inflammatory stressors of pollution, diet, trauma, injury, and illness often restrict the body’s capacity to breathe, circulate, detoxify, and heal. The Oxygen Boost counteracts this downward trend by relieving inflammation, improving nutrient delivery, and energizing recovery.

I went from a body completely and utterlly full of pain, to living a life pain-free.
— Steve Rodriguez, Veteran