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Secure your mask. Help Others.




     We are excited to announce that we are partnering with public service and philanthropic organizations to support fundraising efforts! OXYGEN Rally events feature LiveO2 exercise with oxygen sessions for riders who want to gain a therapeutic boost while giving to a community cause. We have developed this program because the synergy of self-care, community, and philanthropy are so core to our mission and values.

      Oxygen is the fundamental nutrient necessary for producing and sustaining energy in the human body. The legacies of individuals, families and communities are directly impacted by the ability to breath deeply, absorb oxygen, and maintain vitality. What makes the program so special is that it combines philanthropy and fitness while incorporating this unique self-care twist. Unlike ordinary charitable fitness events, the Oxygen Rally partners with communities seeking to participate in more than just a fun activity resulting in monetary collection. We believe that abundant human energy and personal well-being are the most powerful generators for positive change.

The Technology:

The LiveO2 oxygen training system allows a rider on an exercise bike to experience personalized intervals in a low oxygen environment (equivalent to an elevation of 14,000ft) followed by periods of recovery with therapeutic super-oxygenation. This is a clinical grade technology which restores oxygenation to the body and boosts cellular performance. In just 15 minutes a LiveO2 rider can achieve 2.5hrs worth of cardiorespiratory benefits with anti-inflammatory effects that can be measured up to a year later! In the context of a fundraiser event, incorporating therapeutic physical activity allows the participant to actually feel better the day after rather than waking up sore, drained, and less likely to maintain healthy routines. Participants may be young or old, fit or out of shape, healthy or suffering from illness, if the individual is cleared for even light physical exercise then they are a candidate to take action on their health and be a part of an Oxygen Rally event!

Event Distinctives:

The tagline “Secure your mask. Help Others.” aims to offer an alternative to the mindset that - giving is a sacrificial practice. While this notion may have its place, far to often it proves to be unsustainable, resulting in personal burnout. At the Oxygen Rally we are NOT asking participants to suffer or sacrifice for the good of someone else, on the contrary we are encouraging riders to give to themselves as a way of giving to others. We are putting our mission at the forefront of philanthropic fitness by focusing the community on an act of self-care. Riders will be challenging themselves with high altitude air and recharging with refreshing oxygen boosts. For many riders this will involve stepping outside their comfort zone. Breathing from an oxygen mask and exercising in public can be an intimidating prospect for some. We offer an opportunity for riders to upgrade their energy systems with oxygen, beginning the process of banishing deficiency. Being present to and upgrading one's biology is foundational to sustainable philanthropy and is the basis of our "Secure your mask. Help others." mantra. 

      The goal of every event is to positively impact participants energy, mindset, and connection to community resulting in elevated genetic expression, health and legacy. We believe that sustainable social change is rooted in the energy and engagement of individuals.

If your organization is interested in a fundraising partnership event, please email us at: info@oxygenrally.com