Red & Infrared Light Therapy

Skin • Metabolism • Recovery • Energy

      The red and infrared wavelengths found in morning and evening sunlight have incredible health benefits that most of us miss out on due to our busy indoor lifestyles. Vitalize your cellular metabolism for better energy, muscle recovery, and collagen production while reducing wrinkles, joint inflammation, scars, and stretch marks. The formal name "Photobiomodulation" literally means Light-Life-Change, indicative of the fact that light has the power to impact the function of living organisms. By utilizing specific red and infrared wavelengths we are able to supplement light deficiency helping balance chronic over-exposure to harsh artificial light. Start, finish, or bookend your activity with a full-body glow.


RED-LIGHT Therapy Highlights:

  • Supports Skin Clarity, Tone, & Texture

  • Reduces Spots, Lines, & Wrinkles

  • Activates Collagen Production

  • Relieves Joint Pain & Inflammation

  • Increases ATP Energy Production

  • Accelerates Muscle Recovery

  • Promotes Protein Synthesis

  • Boosts Cellular Signaling & Metabolism

JOOVV Full-Body Treatment

      The JOOVV light is unparalleled in its wattage and amplitude making it quick and efficient to receive a full body treatment. Pre-or-post workout, the JOOVV can boost your energy for the upcoming exercise or launch your recovery as you warm-down... and your skin will love the extra attention.