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Owen Monroy

Founder / Lead Trainer

Oxygen Rally embodies Owen's vision for upgrading human energy and empowering health and performance. Monroy spent nearly a decade coaching women's volleyball professionally at the NCAA D1 level with elite programs across the nation, both indoors and on the beach (Cal Berkeley, University of Illinois, Penn State, Saint Mary's College). Along the way, Owen realized that characteristics commonly referred to "intangibles" (i.e. motivation, energy, and will-power) are actually rooted in a persons physiology. This paradigm shifting perspective completely altered his path as a coach. "Cells respond to their environment!" He echos, "The intangibles that often limit us are fundamentally a reflection of the environments we inhabit. Progressing toward optimal performance and health means taking ownership of these variables." Owen's history as a coach and teacher is evident in his mission. "Nothing lights me up like introducing people to tools and strategies which have the power to shift that persons legacy on a team, at work, with family or in their community. EVERYTHING is downstream of human energy!"


Derek Marks PhD

Exercise & Sports Performance Advisor

Derek Marks PhD, is an Exercise Physiologist and currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at Saint Mary’s College of California.  He has served as the Performance Nutrition Director at Saint Mary’s College Athletics since 2007 where he works with coaches, trainers, and athletes on achieving optimal performance through nutritional and lifestyle modification.  His areas of research and professional activity are primarily in the field of ergogenic aids and sport nutrition.  He has worked internationally as both a professor in Health Science at the Australian College of Physical Education and as a sport nutritionist working with professional and recreational athletes (Crossfit, rugby and power lifting).